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  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Development
We consult with companies on computer technology and build web-based solutions for them.

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Meet the Director

Frederick Gault, President, has been assisting companies since 1983. Unlike most consultants, Mr. Gault has extensive experience building software and web sites that are mission critical and cost effective. Over the years Fred has been in charge of the development of products of all types:
  • Commercial Web Sites
  • Data Security
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Network Digital Video
  • Multimedia Titles
  • Games
Mr. Gault's complete Resume.


Frederick Gault has built products for: For a closer look at some of these projects, take a look at the portfolio.


Frederick Gault has contributed articles to the computer industry over the years:

Just for fun

Recommended Reading:
  • The Future of War, by George & Meredith Friedman, 1996, Crown Publishers, NY.
  • Visions, How Science Will Revolutionize The 21st Centrury, by Michio Kaku, 1997, Anchor Books

Frederick Gault & Associates