Off to the Boonies

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I’ve been radio silent because we’ve been on a frenzied dash to buy all the crap ( another technical trekking term) to head out to the weeds. Tomorrow we go, and when and if we see a WiFi signal before our return is a subject of much speculation. Today there is a general strike in Kathmandu so we had to contend with closed shops on strangely empty streets – so recently the locus of such mayhem.

Yesterday, we found ourselves in the maelstrom of a Ganesh ( the elephant god – remover of obstacles) festival which involved women and girls dressed in fine blood-red Sarees as some sort of tribute (or perhaps rebuke) to their husbands. We were swept up into a fulminating sea of humanity pushing along into a narrow pathway by Durbar Square and under a 4 foot high tunnel with the doors to restaurants branching off into the darkness. The weirdness, we-aren’t in Kansas Toto factor was cranked to 11.

This burgh is off-the-scale cool, put it on the bucket list stat!

Hopefully, more soon.


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