We’re in K k k k k Kathmandu

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We’re in k k k k k Kathmandu
Kathmandu Nepal, nirvana Hotel, Sept 10, 2013

Yesterday we landed in Kathmandu. It was partly cloudy and hot. The 3rd World Hustle started right away. A porter hefted our luggage onto a cart and rolled us out. HE was searched on the way out as we were waved through with a smile! This porter wanted $10 US to roll the bags 50 feet! I gave him $2. We found our guy with a sign with our names – he took us to the van. He too wanted $10, I gave him $2. The cabbies mobbed us, not taking “no” for an answer. We escaped in a Munchkinville tiny white beat up van. What followed was a long dirt road, pot holed, bouncing ride past Indiana Jones quality crowds. There were cows in the street, construction by hand, rubble, children, families on mopeds, bicycles groaning with goods, women of all ages with umbrellas against the sun in cheerfully bright Salvar Kameez, brown skinned beautiful calmly about their business in the noisy chaos.

After the clutter, constant honking, death defying right hand drive traffic in narrow pedestrian crammed “streets” (really alley sized) the Hotel Nirvana was an oasis of cool tranquility with a smiling clerk who promptly installed us in a charming, if a bit ramshackle room. There was a balcony overlooking a large calming garden.

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