Aggregation of my fecal material

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We hugged everyone good-bye and got a lift from Richie to SFO. Isn’t that the airline that just crashed here? Why, yes, it is! Disrobe for security, get X-rayed, prodded, poked, and eye-balled by TSA. Grab a bite to eat while CNN rolls appalling video of nerve gas victims over and over. Try to keep lunch down. Cruise the Duty Free and book stores. Get stuffed into a tube and sit for 12 hours. Emerge in Korea. Wait 5 hours. Get crammed into another cylinder for 6 hours. Emerge in Bangkok. Wait 10 hours. Get into yet another plane and sit for 3 hours. Emerge in Kathmandu. That’s all you gotta do and you’re there!

And yes, we are singing ” We’re going to Kathmandu, we’re really really going to, we’re going to Kathmandu” . . . Repeat as needed.



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